Governing Body

The name of the Governing Society/Committee is 'Om Charitable Chikitsa Samiti, It is a Non-Government Voluntary Organization located at Gudi Guda Ka Naka Lashkar, Gwalior, M.P.' It was Constituted and Registered as a Registered Society under the M.P. Society Registration Act 1973. The main Object of the Society are Establish and Run the Schools, Colleges i.e. Schools up to 12th Standard and Colleges 'Educational College, Business Management College, Nursing College, Para Medical College, Agriculture College, Physical College and other Technical and Professional Institutions in various Sector of the society. The Main Aims of the Society are to promote rural and slum section of the society and particularly development process in rural and urban areas along with maintaining transparency and professionalism with an eye for better performance and social accountability.

The main rule and Objectives of the Society in education field are:

  1. To create Awareness for Education in Slum & Poor part of the Society.
  2. To establish and promote high quality, Educational, Technical, Professional, Health Environmental, Nursing, Para-Medical & other Educational and research Centre with the Best Technology Faculty and Equipment.
  3. To Provide an Environment for an effective interaction with society to serve the society.
  4. To establish an effective linkage between the Institution, Industries, Public and Research and Devlopment Organizations.
  5. To ensure Job Opportunity/Placements to the students.
  6. To provide and insight knowledge to improve student's personality for their bright future and to provide basic Ideas about manufacturing progress and skills of the students concern with this society.